I got into traveling when I was very young. My father and I would do a lot of road trips together where he would teach me about life, people, nature and ultimately the world we are living in right now. He had traveled the world with my mom and what he had learned was nothing short of a treasure that kept him alive until the last day of his life.

When I turned 22, I left for London to continue my education and it was then when I started traveling on my own. I discovered more beautiful cities and countries; I met so many wonderful people who touched my heart, opened their homes to me and welcomed me with open arms.

I tried to continue in my father’s footsteps and so I began to travel even more. I have lived in three different continents and traveled through 43 countries. I am humbled by the beautiful hearts who touched my life and the wonderful souls who made me become who I am today!

Travel in Heels is not only about where I travel today but how I travel in style!